Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lockheed Fire: weekend update

It looks like the fire is almost entirely controlled. The latest CDF report estimates 98% containment, with 100% expected later today. The affected area is now over 7800 acres; although no homes were affected, at least 14 'outbuildings' such as seasonal cabins have been either damaged or`destroyed. The cost has exceeded $25 million, and 10 injuries are reported.

One thing that has been very different about the Lockheed Fire as compared to the Summit Fire of last year is the potential to affect vines. There aren't that many vineyards in the Bonny Doon area; the sandy soil and cool microclimate are considered less than ideal for grapes (though McHenry does very well there). The smoke and ash from the Summit Fire blew all over the south bay; we could smell the fires almost every day. Most days the smoke from the Lockheed fire seems to have blown to the west, toward the sea and thus away from the majority of vines.