Friday, August 14, 2009

Fire season again: Lockheed Fire

Yes, it's fire season again. The Lockheed Fire is burning close to Bonny Doon, around 3 miles from last year's Martin fire. So far over 4,000 acres have been destroyed and a couple of buildings, but no homes yet. Around 2,000 people have been evacuate. There are news reports on the web sites of local TV stations such as KTVU and there's more information on the CDF web site and on the CalFire blog. It doesn't look like any wineries or vineyards are in the area; the closest appears to be McHenry, which lies to the south.

Update from Ryan Beauregard, in Bonny Doon: The winds have just picked up, and it is all blowing right towards me and Bacchus at the lost weekend, we will be leaving shortly... Helicopters are circling, fire bombers are going by. It is very surreal. At a moments notice, me and Bacchus can be told to leave. Then, we can only hope that the sprinklers on the roof can do something to help. Or, the 20,000 gallons of stored water can come in handy for the firemen. Even though I have put our roughly 10,000 gallons of water through the seven sprinklers, I still know it will do nothing to help. As of now, we will be closed for an estimated four days.