Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

EDIT: I realised I was quoting out-of-date figures; the post has been updated with the acreage from the latest NASS report for 2008.

On Thursday, February 11th there's a live Cabernet Sauvignon tasting planned. People all over the Internet are invited to open their favourite Cabernet Sauvignon and post tasting notes. It's organised by Rick Bakas, Branding expert and social Media director for St. Supery. There's even a map showing the major Cabernet Sauvignon producing areas.

Take a look. Notice anything?

The Santa Clara Valley isn't listed on it. Apparently they don't make Cabernet Sauvignon worth talking about in Santa Clara or San Benito counties.

They grow it in San Diego. In fact according to the official survey by the National Agricultural Statistics Service for 2008 they had a full 27 acres, plus there's 52 acres in Los Angeles. Marin County is a little smaller, with just seven acres planted. Solano County has a massive 361 acres. And don't forget that bastion of quality wine the Central Valley, home of Charles Shaw. Yeah, they grow an awful lot of wine there. (Or should that be a lot of awful wine?)

But Santa Clara and San Benito, with over 500 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon between them? Not listed.

There's definitely a message about branding here.


Anonymous said...

I understand your point in the branding image that the Santa Cruz Mountains wineries tend to portray. However, I would say a larger factor in the wine industry in CA is that the Santa Cruz Mountains doesn't have the larger producers (anything above 50,000 cases), which means it isn't drawing much of the "notoriety". It is an area of CA that seems to choose to remain good wine producers without really focusing on having to be seen as brand name.