Thursday, January 7, 2010

1997 Mirassou Petite Sirah, Monterey County

I've just written up a brief history of the Mirassou winery and family for the Friends of the Winemakers blog. It seemed only fitting to open a Mirassou wine too.

I found this in the bargain bin at K&L recently. (I also picked up a 1992 Petite Sirah, which sadly wasn't drinkable). Edmund Mirassou, who founded the winery in 1937, had died the previous year, so this 60th anniversary bottling was dedicated to his memory.

Petite Sirah isn't my favourite grape; when young it tends to be tannic and monolithic, and though it can age well the tannin often outlasts the fruit. This bottle was in excellent condition; the cork looked brand new. The nose was musty at first, like old library books. With air some herbal and dried fruit notes emerged. There was still plenty of tannin and acidity, but the tannins had softened and were backed by lots of lush black fruit. Over the course of the evening the fruit became more pronounced; there was also a distinct hint of mint. A rather nice wine. 89


Caron Thor said...

I grew up across the street from a mirassou vineyard in the evergreen area of San Jose. We used to squirt eachother with the juice from the young grapes and once, we even picked some and stomped on them in our garage, I love Lucy style! I'm sure our "wine" was awful.