Friday, January 16, 2009

1990 Cronin "Joe's Cuvee"

Regular viewers will recall that I've posted about this wine before; I picked up a few for a song at K&L early last year. The last time we opened one in November during a local blackout; three of us drank it by candlelight and chatted. (I didn't take any notes.) It was a strange yet fun evening.

On Thursday I had planned to go to a Cronin tasting in Palo Alto, but had to cancel at the last minute. So instead I decided to open one of my own.

As with previous bottles the cork was saturated almost through, and quite soft and spongy. It had the "old wine" smell; leather, cedar, slight mustiness. As before, it's the acidity that strikes you first, but as you see through that the fruit shows; particularly in the second glass there are raspberries, cranberries and brambles. Still a decent bottle, though a bit more mature than I remember the previous ones being. Then again, being paired with pizza perhaps affected it.