Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alexander Cellars

Jeff Alexander's CV includes stints at David Bruce and Congress Springs. He's made beer as the Los Gatos Brewing Company and worked on San Francisco's cult vodka Hangar 1. His latest endeavours see him producing both wines under the name Alexander Cellars and spirits - Gin, Vodka and soon Brandy on the Sarticious label.

The tasting room is in the same buildings as Equinox, Bartolo and Trout Gulch and is part of the Surf City Vintners collective.

2005 Chardonnay, Chestnut Hill Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains ($24)
There's a nutty flavour to this chardonnay. It also tasted slightly oxidised.

2006 Estate Reserve Chardonnay, Chestnut Hill Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains ($24)
The nose has a strange characteristic - the only word I could find was oily. It has a similar nutty flavour to it as the 2005, but no trace of oxidation. Very nice finish.

2004 Zinfandel Pine Valley Vineyard, Monterey ($11)
The nose and palate scream port. Didn't do anything for me.

2000 Zinfandel, Central Coast ($22, $100 a case!)
From two old vineyards in Gilroy and Paso Robles. Good flavours of raspberry, black fruit and pepper. In spite of my usual stance that Zinfandel should be drunk within 5 or 6 years this is still holding up well. They need the space so are clearing it out at $100 a case, at which price it's a screaming deal. I bought a case and opened a bottle last night; it's not the most complex Zinfandel I've tasted, but for $8 I can't fault it!

1999 Zinfandel, Central Coast ($24)
Slightly lighter and a little more tannic than the 2000.


Anonymous said...

The '99 Zin is really quite fantastic and was my favorite during the zin festival a couple year's back. Despite being a bit aged, this is the cab lover's zin, with a a light but full flavor. it is highly recommended.

MichelleStrachan said...

Do you know if these guys are still around? I've been trying to contact them regarding a school fundraiser they usually participate in, but can't seem to get a hold of them.

Dave said...

They should be around; I've not heard anything to suggest otherwise.
Their facility in Santa Cruz is pretty new and it was all looking very promising when I visited.
They may just be incredibly busy because it's harvest right now.

I tried replying directly, but your email address bounced.