Sunday, May 2, 2010

2007 Woodside Chardonnay

Looking through my cellar I discovered a bottle of Woodside Chardonnay that I'd forgotten about. Although Woodside makes some really good reds I don't normally care for their Chardonnay and at first I wasn't sure why I'd bought it.

Then I remembered that at the last visit they were roasting chestnuts on a smoky wood fire. All I could smell and taste was the fire, not the wine, so I'd bought a bottle to try later. Turns out it wasn't anything to do with the fire after all.

2007 Woodside Chardonnay, Estate
The nose shows oak, with some pear and apple notes. On the palate there's oak. That's it, just masses of oak. No Chardonnay character whatsoever and no acidity to speak of. As far as I could tell it wasn't technically flawed (oxidised, corked etc.) so by the terms of the 100 point scale it earns 70 points, but no more.


Wes Barton said...

Here's my notes. So, I did get some nice stuff, but it appears to be fadig quite rapidly, leaving just the nasty oak. Seeing the change from May to December, I would think your assessment of how it's showing now is spot on.

12/13/2009 rated 80 points: Nose - shy, round, spicy.
Heavy brown oak, lemony, some really nice notes, but overpowered by woody oak. Ashamed, but I guess they're throwing a bone to the popular style. (124 views)

5/25/2009 rated 85 points: Nose - rich, smooth, tarragon, touches of lemon and peach, sandstone.
Smooth, a bit flabby, musty oak, waxy, lime, peach, lanolin.