Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mann Cellars

Mike Mann purchased a 20 acre prune orchard on the east side of Gilroy in 1980. They planted grapes, which were sold to various local wineries, including Storrs and Bartolo. In 1996 he began making his own wine under the Mann Cellars label, and now produces around 1500 cases. The wines are mostly made in a rather ripe style; fruit forward with low acidity.

2007 Johannesburg Riesling
2% residual sugar. Nose of white flowers, slight hint of petrol. On the palate it's sweet and slightly petillant, with notes of canteloupe.

2006 Syrah
Spicy aromas of cinnamon and clove. On the palate there's ripe, sweet blackcurrant and plum fruit, with an earthy finish.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
A rather peppery, toasty nose. More acidity and tannins than others in the range; flavours of earth and blackcurrant.

2005 Merlot
Bright, hot, fruity nose. Ripe jammy plum, with a hint of spice and soft tannins.

2006 Malbec
Perfumed nose, with a hint of aldehyde. Tart flavours of plum/damson and some minerality, smooth finish.

A ruby style port made from a blend of Merlot & Malbec.
Though it has the oxidised flavour it lacks the structure and bite of a true port style; it's more of a sweet blueberry syrup.