Thursday, March 5, 2009

Triple Booked

Looking at my calendar it seems that everything is happening at once. The last weekend of March has three major local events going on at the same time. Couldn't you people talk to each other and work something out?

Ridge has the Monte Bello Futures Tasting. This event is open to the public; there's a similar event coming up this weekend for Monte Bello collectors only. It's your first chance to taste the 2008 Monte Bello, and to get an idea of how the 2008 vintage might be overall.

As I posted recently it's also Pinot Paradise, in Campbell.

And finally it's also the Santa Clara Valley Passport weekend. The wineries of Santa Clara Valley have followed the example set by the SCMWA and are opening a few times a year. The passport costs $25, never expires, and can be purchased at any of the participating wineries.