Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bottle Shock review

I was reading the Chronicle's review of the movie Bottle Shock. From the trailer it looks like a fun movie, and in my view anything with Alan Rickman in it is worth watching.

One line in the review annoyed me though. People in the Bay Area had known for decades that the wine coming out of Napa and Sonoma was good stuff Excuse me? Sonoma? Nine out of the twelve US wines at the event were from Napa, the other three came from the Central Coast - two from the Santa Cruz Mountains and one from Monterey County. Precisely zero came from Sonoma. Guess the movie isn't as factual as I'd hoped.


Marc Lhormer said...

The review in the Chronicle is awful and a disservice to those of us trying to a) woo film production to the Bay Area and b) get stories about the Bay Area actually told on film. My wife Brenda and I are the Sonoma(!)-based producers of Bottle Shock. The film is a fun retelling of a watershed time and event in California and wine history. Audiences love this movie. The Chronicle reviewer doesn't get much right in her review, and while she may have slept thru her sterile press screening, audiences are cheeering, laughing, clapping, etc...
PS One of our first dates was up to Ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the top of Monte Bello Road ... our production company is called Zin Haze Productions!!