Thursday, March 13, 2008

2004 Kathryn Kennedy Syrah

There's a Kathryn Kennedy tasting at K&L on Friday, but it looks like I'm double-booked and won't be able to attend. I was hoping to try the 2004 Syrah so that I could decide whether to buy more and how long to hold without having to open my own bottle. Ah well.

Picked this up from Whole Foods for about $24, before tax or 10% discount (see previous posts). The fruit is sourced from several small local vineyards around the Santa Cruz Mountain AVA.

There's a nice spicy, oaky nose to it. On the palate it seemed a real oak monster; though there's good fruit and it's rich and full bodied there's a lot of wood, it's a bit like chewing a stave. There's also a slight bitterness that pops up from time to time on the finish (I've noticed that in a few 2004s) but apart from that it's good. Despite having 15.5% alcohol it didn't seem hot at all.

It's drinkable now, but once the oak and tannins integrate this should be a very nice wine for the price. I plan to grab a couple more and hide them away in the cellar for a while.