Saturday, March 15, 2008

Planning a Pathway to Pinot Paradise

On Sunday March 30th it's the 4th annual Pinot Paradise event at Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell.

On Saturday March 29th, 17 of the participating wineries will be open as part of the Pathway to Pinot Paradise. To make it easier to plan the day I mapped the wineries using Google Maps. You can use this to work out the best way to reach the wineries that you want to visit, as unlike some wine regions the wineries are widely scattered.

Be warned that some of the mountain roads aren't particularly well maintained. It might be a good idea to call the wineries ahead of time to check if there's a better route if you don't have four wheel drive. Also please take care; if you don't have a designated driver then be sure to spit - it's a good idea to carry a plastic spit-cup with you as unfortunately some tasting rooms don't encourage spitting.

South Bay Wine Tours is advertising a guided tour with lunch included, so that may be an option. See you there!

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